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Siding Plus replaces old or damaged siding on homes located throughout all of North Metro Atlanta. We have earned the designation of an Elite Preferred siding contractor by the James Hardie company. Restore your home’s exterior with our expert siding repair services. From minor repairs to extensive damage, our skilled craftsmen will promptly address any issues with your siding, ensuring lasting durability and curb appeal. Contact us today for superior results that exceed your expectations.

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Signs You Need Siding Replacement


Siding that has been damaged from storms, animal activity, sun, rain, wind cycles, or accidents is a real threat to your home. Here are signs your siding needs replacement:

  • CracksVisible cracks in the siding can indicate underlying issues such as water damage, impact damage, or structural problems.
  • WarpingSiding that appears warped or buckled may be a sign of moisture infiltration, improper installation, or age-related deterioration.
  • DiscolorationChanges in color or texture of the siding, such as fading, peeling paint, or mold/mildew growth, can signal moisture issues, sun damage, or the need for repainting.
  • Moisture IssuesStains, mold, or mildew on the siding surface, along with dampness or moisture inside the home near exterior walls, are signs of water infiltration and siding damage.
  • High Energy BillsIf your home's energy bills have suddenly increased, it could be a sign that your siding is no longer providing adequate insulation.
  • Pest InfestationSigns of pest infestation, such as insect nests or woodpecker damage, can indicate weaknesses in your siding.
  • Visible Rot or DecaySoft or spongy areas in the siding, along with visible signs of rot or decay, indicate serious structural issues that require immediate attention.

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Ensure the longevity and integrity of your home with our re-roofing services. Our experienced team will expertly install a new roof.

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Our team will design and build the perfect outdoor oasis for your home.

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